June 15, 2024

PodBrother Nation

An American Experiment: "Freedom of Speech"


Welcome to PNN Academy, a PodBrother Nation Online tutorial program, you will learn how to write and perform stand up comedy. 

* The PNN Academy will run for 8 hours, one day, 2023 9:00AM to 6:00PM PCT. Sunday, July 16, 2023. 2 four-hour sessions with a 1 hour break for lunch. Location:  Sun Center located at 131 West Beech Street, Fallbrook, Ca. 92028 

The Graduation Show for this workshop is August 12, 2023 at the Fallbrook Mission Theatre 7:30pm Tickets $20 online $25 at the Theatre.

The Stand-Up Comedy program will include: 

Session 1 consists of 30 workshops on how to get started.

Workshop #1: What makes people laugh?

Workshop #3: Negative Personality Trait

Workshop #9: Attitude

Workshop #14: Where s the Punchline?

Workshop #30: Hecklers – Bombing an Banter

Session 2 consists of 30 workshops on the inside in and out of creating and performing stand up comedy.

Workshop #31: Evaluating Your Material

Workshop #37: Comedy Industry Vocabulary

Workshop #41: Dealing with Fear

Workshop #46: Who are you?

Workshop #57: Getting it Funny

Session 3 consists of 30 workshops on how to book and market yourself.

Workshop #61: Set Up Your Social Media

Workshop #62: Create Your Podcast Show

Workshop #67: Create Your Industry Database

Workshop #72: Promoting Your Brand

Workshop #90: “Just Be Cool”. No One Likes an “A” Hole.

There will be aQ & A.

And a graduation performance of your 3 minutes on the TippngComedians.com Comedy Club. Date and venue to be determined.

The Workshop Rates:

  • Personal Custom Designed Workshop: $400
  • Group Rate Workshops: $149 Per Person
  • One Hour Follow-Up One-On-One Consultation $49 Per Person

Comedians that want to get on TippingComedians.com can do so by following this steps:

#1. Take a one hour One-On-One Meeting with the TippingComedians.com Producers

#2. Take the PNNAcademy Stand-Up Comedy Workshop NOTE: (Professional Comedians Are Guests)

#3. Step up your TippingComedians.com Membership.

#4. Send in your headshot and bio.

#5. Schedule your Graduation Comedy Show.

#6. Set up your TippingComedians.com Merchandise.

#7. Promote your comedy show date.

#8. Promote your TippingComedians.com Link on all of your podcasts and comedy shows.