January 19, 2022

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An American Experment: "Freedom of Speech"

International of Comedy Film Festival

International Day of Comedy

Sneak Preview Feature Film Saturday, April 3, 2021

Just Added to the iDoc Drive In Film Festival Monday, 4/5/21 7:30pm

Verbal Gymnastics: Hosted by Ty Lewis

Is a topical podcast that talks about current events, with the emphasis on the  effect to black and brown people. The show gives a raw look at the landscape of popular culture and societal trends at the intersection of interpersonal dynamics with rational overtones.
Reel Shots:Is a show that interviews interesting people to get their story and their viewpoints of what’s going on with the world and how they navigate through it.
Ty Lewis CEO / Owner Avec Le Groupe Entertainment CEO / Owner Loose Change Productions Content Creator / Actor (424) 541-3364