May 20, 2024

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Metaverse Designs

Event Horizon VR

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you design your metaverse venues. Please fill in the form below and we will have our custom designer give you a call.

Your Custom MetaVerse Venue Design

We would like to custom fit your metaverse venue design with our Designers to build the one of a kind metaverse experience. Please tell about your design ideas and what your plans are for your venues.

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Please describe the details of your venue including multiple rooms, styles, color schemes, levels, 3D signage, video screens, advertisings, robots, carpeting, hard flooring, lighting, etc.
What do you plan to do in the VR Metaverse? ( There are many use cases we just want to see if what you would like to do fits with what is currently possible in the VR Metaverse.)
Currently Virtual Reality can only house about 500-600 people with 50 people at a time per room. Are you planning a larger scale event than those numbers?
Will you require consultation, media production, assistance during your Virtual event? (We provide that for events, conferences etc held in the spaces we create for our clients if needed.)
Will you be utilizing your space for NFT Related purposes like a drop or selling of an NFT Collection? ( We can utilize links and scripting to create interactive buttons to allow full NFT buying within the Virtual Space.)
Do you require special animations or character avatar modeling for your experience? ( We can make 3D Models of characters, objects and also animate them for the VR Experience.)
When you hire us to build a custom space you are aware that what we sell you is the 3D Build? The hosting is currently done in a VR Software, like AltspaceVR which is what we mostly use, however the 3D Build can be uploaded to another software that supports the Unity 3D game Engine. (We want to make sure that you know it is the custom build design is what you are purchasing, however any hosting other than what we use will have to be utilized by you and your already purchased 3D Build.)
Do you plan on having an experience built out for you that will be an NFT? (We can mint the NFT for you however any gas fees for minting is added to the cost and we also take 10% of the cost incurred of the selling of the NFT as well as 10% of the recurring revenue produced by the minted NFT.)
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    Please upload any images of your space ideas, logos, graphics, artwork that may give use more of an idea as what you like.
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