June 15, 2024

PodBrother Nation

An American Experiment: "Freedom of Speech"

Southern California Film Coalition Series July 20, 2024

PNN Academy & the Hollywood Drive In Film Festival Presents Southern California Film Coalition Series Film Festival 2024

The Southern California Film Coalition Series Film Festival is set to make waves in the indie film community this summer. Scheduled for Saturday, July 20th, 2024, this highly anticipated event will take place at the historic and picturesque Fallbrook Mission Theater. The evening kicks off with a glamorous red carpet at 6:00pm, followed by an exciting lineup of screenings starting at 7:00pm.

**Festival Highlights:**

– **Diverse Collaborations:** This festival stands out for its inclusive and collaborative spirit, bringing together a vibrant mix of podcasters, filmmakers, writers, directors, and producers. These creative minds converge to showcase their talents, share their stories, and celebrate the art of filmmaking in its many forms.

– **Film Categories:** The Southern California Film Coalition Series Film Festival is calling for submissions across a wide range of genres and formats. This year’s categories include:
– Shorts
– Music Videos
– Short Documentaries
– Comedy
– Zombie Shorts
– Trailers
– Podcasts
– Web Series

– **Venue:** The Fallbrook Mission Theater, renowned for its rich history and charming ambiance, provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable night of cinema. Its classic architecture and state-of-the-art facilities make it a beloved venue for both filmmakers and audiences alike.

Join us for an evening that promises to be a celebration of creativity and innovation in the film industry. Whether you’re a creator or a fan, the Southern California Film Coalition Series Film Festival offers a unique opportunity to connect, inspire, and be inspired. Don’t miss your chance to walk the red carpet, enjoy a diverse array of screenings, and mingle with the industry’s brightest talents in the heart of Southern California.

SCFCS Official Call For Films

Founder Comedian / Actor / Writer / Director Steven E Kimbrough

The PodBrother (Kimbrough) is one of the founders of the SCFCS along with Writer Corey Ramsey. Kimbrough won the “Peoples Choice” at the Cannes 24 Hour Film Challenge and ran the event for the next 5 years. Kimbrough is a filmmaker, professional comedian and he started his podcast career at the Jon Lovitz (The PodFather) podcast theater in 2010 and had the opportunity to work with Kevin Smith, Jason Muse, Adam Corolla, Frank & Heidi and 100’s of professional Comedians. When asked how the name PodBrother was born, Kimbrough had this to say:

When asked about how was PodBrother nation born Kimbrough replied:

“Jon Lovitz self proclaimed himself as the “Podfather” and when the Host/MC introduced me at my first live podcast show at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater in Universal City Walk as “Podcast Kimbrough”. A drunk fan came up to me after the show and complimented me on how much he enjoyed my “PodBrother Show”. I loved it and I have been the PodBrother ever since.”

PodBrother Nation

“PodBrother Nation was born from the joy and passion that comes from producing my own podcast. Over the years many people have enjoyed being on my show and more and more people were starting to launch their own podcast and started asking me for help. At that point, I found it necessary to launch “PodBrother Nation Studios” to help people produce their podcasts and “PodBrother Nation Network” to have a distribution platform for our podcasts.”

Corey Ramsey

The versatile Corey Ramsey is a freelance writer and a graduate of RutgersUniversity.  He is a combat veteran who continues to serve in the military today through the reserves.  

Once an alternative school teacher and psychological consultant, Mr. Ramsey is a former director for a non-profit transitional housing program for young adults as a civilian and a volunteer for the homeless.  He offers a unique perspective on the human mind.

Mr. Ramsey is an avid reader with an affinity for the classics.  His other hobbies include football, hiking and board games with his family.

The Opportvnvs Adest Series is a four-part apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy series that chronicles events that lead to the end of days for Earth. The series was published June 2017.

Mr. Ramsey’s books include Tales of the Unexpected, Volume I, II, &III each a compilation of 14 short stories dealing with the strange, the eerie and the macabre. The latest book was published in 2020.   

a. It is widely known that Erin Case and Klea Galasso are best friends. Erin Case was brought as a director of several programs in 2016 (I believe). 

b. Erin Case & Klea Galasso are best friends.

c. This was told to me by Klea Galasso herself when I was instructed to employee Erin Case’s daughter in my program. I was also told by Galasso that the girl is very pretty and I should be mindful to keep clients away from her. I had a conversation with Carol Lockwood and Carlos Perez afterward to express my discontent with Case’s daughter and her performance and both said it was best to stay quiet about because “Klea and Erin have been tight for years.”

/21/22: In a phone conversation, I expressed my dismay to Klea Galasso that my program was being held to a higher standard than the other housing programs (FC and TYH) regarding finances and productivity. I pointed out to her that Carlos Perez (FC) and Carol Lockwood (TYH) use many of the same vendors and their staff report that they in fact spend more than my program. I was told to focus on my own program. I presented a money-saving proposal to Klea in the hopes I could get a reprieve from the harassment. In this document, I showed how THP+ is being directed to put more money to the youth than what is contractually necessary to San Diego County standards. Galasso told me this is how she and Michael Bruich (Executive Director) wants it and that I am going to have to figure it out. Isubmitted numerous cost-cutting solutions and they were all rebuffed.

b. This was continued hostile work environment from Galasso because I refused to meet with the female client

Maria Jorjezian

Maria Jorjezian is a Director and Producer who has Produced two features, including the film “6:45”. In addition to her feature work, she has also directed award-winning music videos and short films, as well as a commercial. Beyond her work in film, Maria has also worked in theatre as an assistant director, production designer, and stage manager. Maria’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Minor in Film and Animation from Woodbury University. 

Finally, as the owner and director of the Jorjezian Film Festival, she is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the work of talented filmmakers from around the world. But that’s not all – she has many exciting projects in development, including more feature films, podcasts, and events!

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