July 13, 2024

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PNN Stand-Up Comedy Workshop

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Everyone has 3 minutes of Stand-Up Comedy in them and we can bring it out of you in less then one day.

Session 1 consist of 30 workshops on how to get started.

Workshop #1: What makes people laugh?

Workshop #3: Negative Personalty Trait

Workshop #9: Attitude

Workshop #14: Where s the Punchline?

Workshop #30: Hecklers – Bombing an Banter

Session 2 consist of 30 workshops on the inside in and out of creating and performing stand up comedy.

Workshop #31: Evaluating Your Material

Workshop #37: Comedy Industry Vocabulary

Workshop #41: Dealing with Fear

Workshop #46: Who are you?

Workshop #57: Getting it Funny

Session 3 consist of 30 workshops on how to book and market yourself.

Workshop #61: Set Up Your Social Media

Workshop #62: Create Your Podcast Show

Workshop #67: Create Your Industry Database

Workshop #72: Promoting Your Brand

Workshop #90: “Just Be Cool”. No One Likes an “A” Hole.

There will be Q&A.

And a graduation performance of your 3 minutes on the TippngComedians.com Comedy Club. Date and venue to be determined.