April 18, 2024

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PNN Academy Memberships Group

Podcast / Comedy / Film / Festival Coalition

We are looking for people in and around the Stand Up Comedy, Film, festivals and Podcasters that want to combine their creative effort. Fill in the form below and click on the membership link.
What group do you identify with?
What industry workshops are you interested in taking?(Required)
For more information go to PNNAcademy.org
What can you contribute to this coalition?
Would you like to be on TippingComedians.com(Required)
We like supporting Comedians on the way up, so we offer an opportunity to a few select Comedians to be on TippingComedians.com. 80% of the tips go to the comedian and 20% goes to the PNNAcademy.org for administrative expenses.
Are you interested in participating in "Give & Laugh Until it Hurts" Comedy Fundraisers?(Required)
We love doing comedy fundraisers for great causes. We can always use support.
What is your interest in podcasting?(Required)
We love podcast and would love to have you in the mix.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
Send us your show images here.

Your Comedy Future awaits you. Whether you want to be the a professional national Comedian, a better salesperson, an interesting speaker or the funniest person in the kitchen at a company Christmas party, learning stand up comedy can get you there. learn from the best and get your yuck on. Click below and get started in our “PNN Academy Stand Up Comedy Workshop”


Welcome to our comedy community. We are looking forward to seeing how your comedy talents develop over the coming years. We can say we knew you when. To support some of the Comedians that are already on TippingComedians.com, click on the logo.


Don’t forget about your PNN Academy Stand Up Comedy Planner 2023. Keep your material and your bookings organized.


Join Ref Kimbrough at TheComedyChateau.com every Thursday at 7:30pm, use promo code: KIMBROUGH for VIP Access to the show. There is a 2 drink minimum. For tickets click image below.

Come support the Parkinson’s Foundation at our “Laugh & Give Until it Hurts” Parkinson’s Comedy Fundraiser July 27, 2023 7:30pm

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"PNN Academy" Lifetime Membership
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