July 14, 2024

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An American Experiment: "Freedom of Speech"

Podcast, Comedy, Film, Festivals Coalition Annual Membership

Welcome to the Comedy Podcast Coalition, where Stand Up Comedians and Podcaster can find and work with each other. We had so much fun at Podfest Expo Orlando that we created a comedy podcast coalition to specifically keep us in touch. This CPC will focus on those individuals that would like to use humor as tool in their program. it is always nice to have a comedy resource when you need it. The Hollywood Drive In Film Festival has partnered with the Comedy Podcast Coalition and as a result a few selected podcast shows will be screened on the drive in screens. You will also have VIP Access to selected industry networking events.

Why take a stand up comedy class?

Taking a stand up comedy class can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It can help you improve your public speaking skills, develop confidence in your ability as a performer, and learn how to write and deliver your own jokes in a compelling way. You may also learn valuable tips on how to develop an audience connection and refine your comedic timing. Additionally, stand up comedy classes can provide a great opportunity to meet likeminded people and practice your comedy routine in a supportive and encouraging environment.