May 30, 2023

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An American Experiment: "Freedom of Speech"

My Laugher’s Comedy Club

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My Laugher’s Stand-Up Comedy Workshop TBD

Welcome to PNN Academy, a PodBrother Nation tutorial on how to produce, host and promote your podcast. PNN is offering TMI the opportunity to go through Podcast Training. PNN Academy. hosting your own podcast will give you the opportunity to promote your brand as well as sell your products and services. The popularity of podcasts has increased dramatically. Here are some of the things we Will Learn As We Go Through The PNN Academy program:

· Organize concept segments; identify your markets;  sources of marketing and promotion; social media; videos; graphics

· How to develop your social media soldiers to build, develop and grow the beast, as Steven calls it.

· Creative – you might be able to strike lightning in a bottle on TIK TOK, or somewhere else.

· We gotta research What’s Trending in our areas:

· Trending, spatulas.

· Product to include clever videos, comments, memes ties into your product and then tie into stuff that’s trending. By pulling influencers into your atmosphere, you are  able to grow.

Join the PodBrother at “The Comedy Chateau” on “The Big Bad Bo Show” Saturday, August 13, 2022 10:00pm. We will see you there. Buy Tickets Now!

My Laugher’s Comedy Club Stand Up Writer’s Lab

We are very excited to launch our My Laugher’s Comedy Club Stand Up Writer’s Lab. This is a hand selected few of professional Stand Up Comedians that want to improve their stand up and expand their material. The will only take 5 comedians at a time. Each Comedian will get 10 minutes of stage time and 10 minutes of critical inserts into their set by the other Comedians that are in the gallery. This Stand Up Writer’s Lab is produced by Comedian Steven E Kimbrough and Co-Hosted by Comedian Dave Carter. If you would like to be considered for this comedy lab, please fill in the form below.

Stand Up Writer's Lab Form

Professional Stand Up Comedians fill this form in if you wish to join a My Laugher's Comedy Stand Up Writer's Lab.
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  • :
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
  • Introduce yourself in a joke.

Welcome to My Laugher’s Comedy Club, the virtual comedy club packed with funny things to watch and fun things to do. Support our Comedians on the way, at the top, and on the way down. No matter where they are in their career the bills keep coming. That is why My Laugher’s Comedy Club is the home for, and is a virtual tip jar for Professional Comedians. These are people in the profession of Stand-Up Comedy, the hardcore road comedians that put their blood, sweat and tears on the road. One of the biggest challenges of a road comedian is when you’re not touring your income drops considerable. Unless you have a trust fund, Uncle Louis mattress money or a gainfully employed spouse, your income comes to a screeching halt. can help take some of the pressure off of these Comedians. You love them then support them here as well. Log on the and select the Comedians you would like tip and select the amount you would like tip them and be an Angel.

Welcome to where you will be able to support your favorite funny people. Humor and comedy comes in many forms. You will be able to support comedic talent that comes in the form of Comic Strips, Open Mic’s, Comedy Podcasts, Stand-Up Workshops, Improv Comedy Sketches and anyone who’s creating funny for a living.

Welcome to where you can support your favorite talent. As Comedians, we have worked with hundreds of professionals outside of the comedy world. And we have found the struggle is real in all branches of entertainment. That is why we created to generate support for our other Entertainers as well. This may include professionals in the fields of Filmmakers, Artists, Musicians, Writers, Directors, Actors, Theatre Performers, Master Classes, Painters and Sculptors.

Producers, Directors, Actors