December 7, 2023

PodBrother Nation

An American Experiment: "Freedom of Speech"

 Mel O (Finances the Other “F” Word) speak to sex therapist Dr. April Brown Fri, Sept. 9/23/22 7pm @ The LaChasse Studio

I want to be myself in an industry confined by stuffed suits, confusing jargon and general lameness. I want financial literacy to come to the many and close the gap between the 99% and the 1%, and I want to drop some F bombs while I do it. Is that so bad? SO, I wrote a book (Finances the Other F Word-Another F Word to love, find it on Amazon) and started this podcast under the same name. Despite the fact I have a background in media I was not onboard with the podcasting gig until Stormie called me and basically forced me to do one. I invited him and another friend, Zoe, along to make it happen. That being said, we kick ass and it reminds me how much I missed the media sector. Welcome home Mel.

I love money, I love my money, and I love your money, and I want you to have more of it. The first step of this is to understand it, and I want to bring financial literacy to the masses in a way that doesn’t bore you or speak over your heads.

I love music, all music with few exceptions. You, the creative types who make the music I love, I want to help you! The music business is a BUSINESS, and you need to have a basic knowledge of the ins and outs of money if you are going to survive, even if you self-release.

So, listen to this podcast, and subscribe, and rate and review us. Quite frankly, LOVE US. We love you and we bust our asses, (well, not Stormie so much), to give you the information you need and deserve.

You are a Rockstar and I am your advisor, so let’s fucking rock n roll!

Rock On- Mel O CFP