June 30, 2022

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Hollywood Drive In Film Festival 2022


Welcome to the Hollywood Drive In Film Festival 2022. What do you get when you mix a Pandemic, a Drive In Movie Theater, The Holidays, a Projection Company and a Film Festival together? That’s right the “Hollywood Drive In Film Festival”.

The Call for Films

Stay tuned to our website for the latest call for films. We are partnered with several film festivals to be screened at our drive in locations. we will have calls for genres like comedy, shorts, documentaries, romance, horror, suspense, action, holiday’s, music, podcast, live stream, sports and more. You will be able to register your film on FilmFreeWay.com

Festival Tickets

Tickets for our “Hollywood Drive In Film Festival” will be available on TDEMarketing.com as well our online ticket store. You can also purchase festival merchandise here as well.


Merchandise for our “Hollywood Drive In Film Festival” will be available on TDEMarketing.com as well our online festival store. You can also purchase festival tickets here as well.

Festival Vendors

We will also have available at selected drive in locations the opportunity for food truck vendors. Check back with us from time to time to see what new vendor has joined the party. You will be able to order from your car on your phone and a text will be sent to you when your order is ready and you can go pick it up from the vendors.

Our Committee

There are a lot of moving parts to produce a a drive in movie experience. That is why we are also doing a call for committees and subcommittees. So if you would like to join our team in building the drive in theater experience please click on this link and join the fun.

Festival Events

The PodBrother Comedy Show

Thanks to the pandemic most to all of our fringe events will take place on online, so stay tuned.

Online Streaming

Join our live stream discussions with some of the world’s brightest talent. We are building a pool of talent on “PodBrother Nation Network” and you will be able to catch all of the fun live and when you enjoy yourself with these experiences, you can support our host and guest by tipping them live in real time. We can all use the support.

Festival Partners & Schedule

schedule drive in movie

TBD Hollywood Drive In Film Festival “StoryArtist Animation Film Festival”

April 2 – 5, 2021 HDIFF presents “International Day of Comedy”

Festival Panels

We are attendees at the American Film Market and have access to hundreds of industry professional that we will invited to be on our festival panels. PodBrother Nation has launched an online distribution platform and is officially attending the AFM 2020. We are currently doing deals to secure content. The market is virtual this year because of Covid, which means we will have access to more people. Check back with us from time to time. We will update our schedule as the confirmations are confirmed.

Festival Podcasts

We are very excited about our pool of industry professionals that have expressed an interested in being on our podcasts. You are never too old to learn something new. The industry is constantly evolving and you don’t want to be left behind. Tune in to our “Hollywood Drive In Film Festival” podcasts and you may learn a few inside tips. You can find all of our podcast interviews on the “PodBrother Nation Network”.