October 2, 2023

PodBrother Nation

An American Experiment: "Freedom of Speech"


Here is your chance to reserve your tickets to “Fallbrook FilmFest Cos-Play Pre-Show”. Register for our event tickets and reserve your spot in the Cos-Play.

The Event

We are very excited to launch very first “Fallbrook Cos-Play Pre-Show” in Fallbrook, CA. was a ton of fun.

The Feature Film

Feature “Shrek” and “Grease” are our featured presentations.

Animation Industry Panel

Your host for “Shrek” was Robin A Williams. And your host for “Grease” was the funny “Kimbrough” AKA “The PodBrother”.

Fun was had by all. See you at the next event.

This event was Co-Produced by PNN Academy Stand-Up Comedy Workshops

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