Gold PodBrother Nation Annual Membership

We are known for our comedy experiences, whether it’s Stand-Up, Comedy Podcasts, Live Streaming or our promotions. You will get a laugh from every experience and if you don’t, keep digging, we have some here that will make you laugh. Click here to get started.

Standard PodBrother Nation Monthly Membership

You will have access to some of the coolest deals in town. Our corporate and venue partners will provide us with amazing promotions and discounts. We will provide free tickets to selected shows each month, so set your calendars. Click here to get started.

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Comedy Club Membership

We are always looking for the coolest comedy venues to showcase talent. And comedy club are always looking for creative ways to fill their seats as well. That’s where we will help you with that. Your comedy club membership will give you access to our audience members, special promotions and more. Click here to get started today.

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“Stick with the PodBrother” Comedy Documentary Film Membership

We have considered crowd funding through various platforms and have decided to crowd fund through our own membership platform. When you make a contribution to our comedy documentary film campaign, you will have access to some really cool things associated with the film. We are still developing those packages so check back every once and a while. Click here to get started.

My Laugher’s Stand-Up Comedy Workout Membership

One Day 6-hour Stand-Up Comedy Intensive Workout
Develop 3-minute Stand-Up Routine
Bring a thumb drive for your file
Learn how to do Stand-Up Comedy
Development personal material
Create your comedy Point-of-view
Learn comedy material writing
Learn crowd work, learn facial expressions

Learn comedy body language.

Why: We want to develop comedy talent in Hollywood for our “My Laugher’s Comedy Club”. A viral online comedy club to generate tips for the Comedians.
What: My Laugher’s Stand-Up Comedy Workout. Click here to get started.

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